Do you think art education is all about going to an art school with bag
full of pencils, colours, painting brushes, painting palettes and
canvas? Well, it is high time you redefined your idea of drawing
classes and painting classes. Hobitute, your online art guru, offers
fully downloadable painting and drawing courses that will introduce
you to the world of art education.
It is cool... I liked the professionally managed drawing and shading courses put up online at such an affordable price. Great education. I salute Hobitute for bringing anytime learning option without Internet connection.
Pooja Dhal, New Delhi
Art Education Made Easy through Hobitute’s Online Sketching and Drawing Classes

In this expert talk Artist Ganesh Doddamani talks about his oil painting on Hampi architecture.
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Expert talk by Ganesh Doddamani
Learn to draw and paint at your time, comfort and convenience
Hobitute’s web based courses are hallmarked for their high quality, affordability, systematic learning
methods and effective mechanisms. By taking these online courses in sketching and drawing, you are sure
to benefit in more than one ways.

You are allowed to download these painting and drawing courses to your personal computer. This will 
enable you to practice the lessons without internet connection.
You don’t have to step out of your house to master the niceties ofdrawing or sketching in pencil. Expert
advice and specialized guidance come to you.
These courses cover various aspects of art education ranging from sketching and drawing to colouring,
water colour painting, oil painting and cartoons. You can choose acourse depending on your area of interest.
Painting classes and drawing classes at your fingertips!
Here is the winner of all benefits! Any one, and we mean it when we say ANYONE, can take up Hobitute’s
online drawing classes, painting classes, and classes on sketching in pencil. Your age, profession and
busy schedule won’t stop you from becoming a member of our online community.
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